Atomic Hair Studio is a Redken premiere salon. Redken’s groundbreaking products combine innovation and street smarts for the most exciting collection around. As stylists, we choose Redken because it facilitates creativity with our clients and makes it easy for our clients to maintain their style with confidence.


5th Avenue NYC

Redken’s foundation is based on an extensive knowledge and understanding of science and hair. In 1960 when the company was founded, Redken was the first manufacturer to apply proteins and moisture to dramatically improve weakened and sensitized hair and restore strength and shine.

Built on this heritage of protein and acid pH, Redken’s pioneering research has led to the most advanced products in the professional industry. Technology is an integral part of every Redken product-linking hair color, texture, hair care, and styling with total synergy.

From amazing hair color options to advanced hair care solutions and creative styling products-for both women and men. Redken offers you an extensive portfolio of products that combine fashion and innovation for the most inspiring collection around.


Serious Colour Care

Pureology was created in Irvine, California in 2001. It was here that salon industry pioneer Jim Markham revolutionized color care and launched the first 100% Vegan formulas and Zero-Sulfate shampoos for color-treated hair. Every Pureology product contains the exclusive Anti-Fade Complex which contains a blend of anti-oxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens to protect color from free radicals and maximize color retention.

Discover The Pureology Difference


Bonding Chemistry

All hair types (natural, curly, fine, straight, etc.) derive most of their integrity from healthy, properly paired, disulfide bonds. When hair is damaged via thermal, chemical, mechanical or environmental factors, these disulfide bonds are broken apart resulting in single sulfur hydrogen bonds.

What happens after a disulfide bond breaks? There are two reactions that can take place. The first reaction is that the single sulfur hydrogen component pairs with a single oxygen molecule. This makes a perfect pair with no further damage taking place.

The second reaction is where damage occurs. A single sulfur hydrogen molecule will pair with three oxygen molecules creating S03, or what is known as a sulfate group. The protonated sulfate is known as Cysteic Acid. Cysteic acid then eats the protein out of the hair.

In the case of chemical services, OLAPLEX works by pairing with the single sulfur hydrogen bond faster than the three oxygen molecules can.


Colour Booster

From humble beginnings to big ideas our mission has remained the same: saving ordinary humans from themselves. We do this by challenging the status quo… to get people thinking for themselves, so that we can inspire positive change while providing honest products that respect people and the planet.


In an industry awash with over-inflated truths, big brand baloney and unrealistic standards of beauty, evo came to be… the first professional haircare brand to speak the truth with individuality and integrity.

Coming from a long line of hairdressing heritage, evo has always been a family affair. the family mission to grow and protect the hairdressing industry has been at our core since 2005. Today, we’re continuing this quest by providing salons across the globe with honest products that put performance, people and the planet first.


Skin Care

The Atomic team is excited to announce the partnership with Dermalogica!

As many of you know, we have expanded our service offerings and now have skin services available to you. We carefully chose a skin care brand to pair with our professional skin treatments to meet all your skin needs, as well as enhancing treatment room results with home care options!


Dermalogica is a professional skin care brand that is globally known for delivering results in the skin with the best that science and nature can provide us with active ingredient-based technology.

  • All products are recognized cruelty-free by PETA.
  • Are certified began on all but 4 products.
  • All formulas are free of artificial colours and fragrances.
  • All formulas are paraben free.
  • All Dermalogica products can be considered gluten free.

To learn more about our new skin services and Dermalogica, book in for a consultation or treatment with one of our professional skin therapists today!


From the start, we set out to create choice products that would turn heads with unique formulations, special features and colorful branding. The idea was to help designers unleash their rebellious, creative, sassy sides. That kind of thinking has turned us into one of the fastest growing hair care and styling companies in North America.